If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, or you have a suspicion they may be, report to the Police on 999 immediately.

Reporting an online safety concern is important.  The trouble is, there is no single way of reporting something, it is all based on whether the content or posting is illegal, inappropriate or you just plainly disagree with it.  Furthermore, the reporting process is completely different depending on what service or app you are using.

With the thousands of apps and web services now available it would be impossible to list all the ways to report, but here is a list of the most popular ones:

Illegal Content

In the United Kingdom, the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) has the responsibility to take down illegal or suspected illegal content, working with partners across the world.  To report websites or content click HERE

Online Concern, i.e. Grooming

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre (CEOP) is an arm of the UK Police operating as part of the National Crime Agency responsible for the investigation and protection of children.  You or your child can report a concern HERE


Facebook believes in free speech and sharing, however they are adamant that illegal content will be taken down as soon as possible.  Widely reported in the media, this process is a little hit and miss.  The link to report a concern to Facebook is HERE .  If you don’t have a Facebook account there is advice to make a report HERE.


Twitter uses forms to report a number of things including harassment, self-harming etc.  The link can be found HERE on the right hand side.  If you have seen illegal content, such as images of child abuse, report straight to IWF (section above – Illegal Content).


Bullying is one of the biggest concerns amongs children and young people.  If you have a concern about somebody, or you are being bullied yourself you can talk to somebody HERE if you are aged 11 years or over.  Look for the menu on the right – “I Need Help”.

Google (includes YouTube, Google+ and Blogger)

Google own many services you may not be aware of, including YouTube and Blogger.  You can report a concern about any Google service HERE


Inappropriate content, abuse and spam can be reported straight to Instagram from HERE